The Ailing Planet-The Green Movement's Role Chapter 5th English Class 11th ( Hornbill ) Summary Explain

The Ailing Planet-The Green Movement's Role  Chapter 5th English Class 11th ( Hornbill ) Summary Explain


  • The Lesson, The Ailing Planet : The Green Movement's Role Focuses On The Deteriorating Health Of Earth
  •  Because Of Human Being's Growing Lust To Exploit All Its Natural Resources.

Green Movement

  • The Green Movement Started Nearly 35 Years Ago In 1972.
  • Since Then, It Has Captured The Imagination Of Millions
  • The World's First Nationwide Green Party Was Founded In New Zealand

New holistic view of the world 

  • Green Movement Has Changed Our Concepts
  • The Shift Is Very Positive
  • Now We Have A Holistic View Of The World For The First Time There Is A Growing Worldwide Consciousness That The Earth Itself Is A Living Organism  

Sustainable Development 

  • In 1987 The World Commission On Environment And Development Defined What Is Meant By Sustainable Development  
  • It Means Human Development That Fulfills The Needs Of The Present Without Harming The Future Of Mankind.
  • Man Shares The Earth With 1.4 Million Living Species  
  • This Earth Has Become A Scorched Planet 
  • Deserts Are Advancing Landscapes And The Environment Have Been Degraded 

Earth’s Main Biological Systems 

  • Fisheries, Forests, Grasslands And Croplands Are The Four Main Biological Systems Of This Earth 
  • They Are The Basis Of The Global Economic System .
  • But These Basic Systems Are Being Threatened .
  • They Are Reaching An Unsustainable Level 
  • Production Has Fallen, Fisheries Have Been Ruined, Forests Are Disappearing 
  • Grasslands Are Being Converted Into Wastelands 
  • Croplands Are Not In Good Shape, Tropical Forests Are The Powerhouses Of Evolution, But These Face Extinction Also 

Forests Precede Mankind  

  • Forests Precede Mankind Deserts Follow Them
  • 50 Million Acres Of Tropical Forests Are Disappearing Every Year 
  • The World Bank Estimates That A Fivefold Increase In Forest Plantation Is Needed To Cope With The Fuelwood Demand In The Coming Years 
  • Actually, We Are Losing Forests At The Rate Of An Acre And A Half Every Second 
  • According To A Government Report India Is Losing 3.7 Million Acres Of Forest Every Year 
  • The Actual Loss Is Much Higher  

Development And Population 

  • Education Spreads And Health Improves Fertility Falls As Income Rise 
  • But Development Fails If The Population Grows More Children Does Not Mean More Workers But It Means More People Without Work So Poverty Continues  

Population Deteriorating Environment 

  • Satellites And Aerial Surveys Conducted By The Uno Warn That The Environment Has Deteriorated So Badly That It Can Be Termed As Critical  
  • The Growth Of World Population Is The Main Cause Of This The 20th Century Has Added About 3.7 Billions 
  • The Present World Population Is Estimated As 5.7 Billion  (7.9 Billion In 2021)
  • In Every Four Days The World Population Increases By 1 Million 
  • The Choice Is Clear Either Control Population Or Perpetuate Poverty 

We Are Tenants 

  • Margaret Thatcher Has Summed Up By Declaring That “No Generation Has A Freehold On This Earth All We Have Is A Life Tenancy”.
  • As Lester Brown Says : “We Have Not Inherited This Earth From Our Forefathers We Have Borrowed It From Our Children   
  • It Is Not Only The Question Of The Survival Of Human Race But Also Of The Planet Earth 



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