Class 11th English (Birth ) Snapshot Important question- Term- 2

Class 11th English (Birth ) Snapshot Important question- Term- 2

 1- Who was Joe Morgan ? Why was he waiting for Dr. Andrew Manson ?

  • Ans. Jeo Morgan was a driller in Blaenelly, a mining town. He and his wife Susan, were
  • married for nearly twenty years and now they were expecting their first child. He
  • was waiting for the doctor to help Susan in the delivery of the child.

2- Why did a shiver of horror pass over Andrew ?

  • Ans. Dr. Andrew Struggled for more than an hour to help the mother Susan Morgan for the
  • safe delivery of the baby. But when the child was born he was lifeless. As Andrew
  • gazed at the still born baby, a shiver of horror passed over him.

3- Why did Dr Andrew want to save the child ?

  • Ans. The child looked lifeless when born. Dr Andrew realised,  due to his medical knowledge, that the child suffered  from an abnormal medical condition which made it look  dead, but there was a chance of it being revived. So he  made frantic efforts to save the child. 

4- What efforts did Dr Andrew make to save the  lifeless-looking boy at birth ? 

  • Ans. When Dr Andrew saw the lifeless-looking boy, he  realised that the boy’s whiteness meant that he was  suffering from asphyxia pallida, which required a  particular method of revival. So, he began a special  method of respiration. So, he plunged the child into a  basin of icy water followed by plunging him into very hot  water repeatedly. Then, in one last desperate effort, he  rubbed the boy, crushing and releasing his chest, trying  to get breath into his limp body. Suddenly the child’s  chest started going up and down, some mucus came out  of its nose and finally the boy gave a cry. 

5- No matter what your profession is, moral values  always play an important role in making you a complete human being. Explain with reference to  the chapter ‘Birth 

  • One of the most challenging and complex of life’s areas is the  realm of moral issues and decisions. Every day of our life, in  whatever profession we may be, we make moral choices and  decisions that reflect our own moral orientation.  In the chapter ‘Birth’, Dr Andrew considered it his moral  duty to attend to a patient inspite of his mental agony and  tiredness. He spent the whole night in saving two lives. 
  • He  used all his knowledge as well as instincts to revive the child  and finally succeeded in making the family happy. In the end  he emerged as a distinct human being who went all out to  save precious lives not out of greed but because he  considered it his moral duty to do his best. His efforts were  applauded and he himself indulged in self-appraisal ‘on  doing something’ really good. His moral values helped him  in achieving this feat.

6- Dr Andrew had no idea that this particular night  would influence his future career in Blaenelly. How  did it do so

  • Ans. When Dr Andrew accompanied Joe Morgan at midnight, he  had no idea that this particular night was going to affect his  whole future career. The doctor did his best to save Susan  Morgan and revived the child. This was his first successful  case and thus, a huge contribution to his medical career. 

7- “Sometimes instincts play a vital role along with  bookish knowledge.” Comment in reference to ‘Birth’.

  • Ans. Yes, it is true that sometimes instincts play a vital role over  bookish knowledge. In the chapter, ‘Birth’, Dr. Andrew, a  medical graduate, uses his instincts to get over the dilemma of  saving the life of the mother or the child. Instincts help him  resuscitate the child as well as save the life of his mother. 


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