The Portrait Of A Lady - Class 11- Chapter- 1st ( Hornbill )- Easy Summary And Most Important Question Answer

The Portrait Of A Lady - Class 11- Chapter- 1st  ( Hornbill )- Easy Summary And Most Important Question Answer


  • Khushwant Singh Was One Of The Prominent Indian Writers .
  • In The Story The Author Draws A Pen Portrait Of His Grandmother.
  • He Has Beautifully Written An Account Of His Relationship With Her Grandmother. 

Pen Portrait Of Grandmother 

  • Khushwant Singh Draws A Pen Portrait Of His Grandmother .
  • Old Woman 
  • Its Hard To Believe That Once  She Had Been Young And Pretty
  • His Grandfather’s Picture Hung Above The Mantelpiece 
  • He Looked At Least A Hundred Years Old 

Appearance of grandmother 

  • Old, Short, Fat, Slightly Bent 
  • Wrinkled Face 
  • She Looks The Same For Last Twenty Years 
  • She Couldn’t Walk Straight  
  • She Wears White Clothes And Roam In The House .
  • She Keeps Her One Hand On Her Waist To Balance Herself.
  • She Held A Rosary In The Other Hand. 
  • Her Silver Locks Scattered Over Her Pale Face.
  • Her Lips Constantly Moved.
  • She Always Prayed To Herself.

Close Friends 

  • Narrator And His Grandmother Were Good Friends.
  • His Parents Had Left Him With Her In The Village.
  • She Used To Wake Him Up In Morning. 
  • She Got Him Ready For School 
  • She Used To Wash His Wooden Slate And Plaster It With Yellow Chalk.
  • She Take An Earthen Inkpot And Red Pen Tie Them In The Bundle And Hand It To Him. 
  • Prepared His Breakfast (Thick Stale Chapatti) Little Butter And Sugar Spread On It.
  • She Also Carry Some Chapattis For Village Dogs

Went To School With The Narrator.

  • Grandmother Always Went To School With Him.
  • Because School Was Attached To The Temple.
  • There A Priest Taught The Children Alphabet And Morning Prayer.  
  • Grandmother Sat Inside Temple 
  • Spent Her Time Reading Holy Books 
  • She Would Walk Back Home With Him 

Turning Point In Relationship 

  • Turning Point Came In Their Relationship When His Parents Call Both To The City 
  • Narrator And His Grandmother Shared The Same Room. 
  • Now Grandmother Don’t Go To His School, And She Didn’t Like The English School.
  • Nor Did She Like Science And Music Being Taught At The New School.
  • There Was No Teaching Of God 
  • There Were No Dogs In Streets
  • Grandmother Took To Feeding The Sparrows.
  • Now They Saw Less Of Each Other.

Bond Of Relationship Broken 

  • Their Common Link Broken When The Narrator Went To The University.
  • Grandmother Accepted Her Loneliness Quietly.
  • She Used To Set On Her Wheelchair And Recite Prayers.  
  • At Afternoon She Used To Feed The Sparrows
  • She Broke The Bread Into Little Bits And Threw Them To The Sparrows.
  • Hundreds Of Sparrows Collected Around Her. 

Narrator Goes Abroad 

  • Narrator Went Abroad For Higher Studies.
  • Grandmother Came To Drop Him At Railway Station. (Kissed Forehead)
  • Narrator Thinks Its His Last Meeting With Her.
  • Narrator Returned Home After Five Years.
  • She Collected The Neighborhood Women And Celebrated His Homecoming.

The Grandmother’s Death 

  • Next Morning, She Fell Ill .
  • She Declared That Her End Was Near.
  • She Continued Praying And Telling Her Beads , Then Her Lips Stopped Moving The Rosery Fell Down And She Was Dead . 
  • Evening time, sun was setting
  • Thousands of sparrows sat near her dead body.
  • They did not chirrup.
  • Narrator’s mother brought some bread and broke it into little piece, but birds took no notice. 
  • When They Carried Her Dead Body Outside, The Sparrows Flew Away Quietly……… 


1- Describe How Common Bond Of Friendship Was Broken When The Narrator’s Parents Sent For Them In City.

2- What Was The Turning Point Of Their Friendship ?

3- Why Was The Author’s Grandmother Unhappy With The City Education ?


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