A Letter To God- Class 10 English ( First Flight ) Chapter 1st Notes and Summary Explain

A Letter To God- Class 10 English ( First Flight  ) Chapter 1st Notes and Summary Explain


  • This Is A Story Of A Hard-working Farmer Lencho  
  • A Letter To God Is Story Of Extreme Faith In God 
  • Lencho Is Shocked To Notice That His Crop Is Ruined He Turns To God  For Getting Some Help  

About Lencho 

  • Lencho Was A Farmer 
  • His House Was The Only One In The Entire Valley
  • It Was On The Top Of A Hill 
  • His Fields Needed A Good Harvest , He Was Looking Towards The Sky Hoping For A Rain  
  • During The Meal, Big Drops Of Rain Began To Fall 
  • He Went Out To Feel The Rain On His Body 

Raindrops Like Coins 

  • Drops Of Rain Were Like The Coins 
  • The Big Drops Were Ten Cent Pieces And The Little Ones Were Worth Five Each
  • Suddenly A Strong Wind Began To Blow, Lencho Was Worried 

Huge hailstones 

  • Along With The Rain Came Very Large Hailstones
  • They Truly Did Resemble Silver Coins 
  • House, Fields, Hill Side Were Covered With The White Hails 
  • Not A Leaf Remained On The Trees 
  • The Corn Was Totally Destroyed 
  • So Were The Flowers 
  • Lencho Was Sorrowful 

Help From God 

  • Lencho Thought That There Was Only One Hope 
  • It Was The Help From God
  • The Following Sunday He Wrote A Letter To God He Wrote That If He Did Not Help His Whole Family Would Die  
  • He Needed 100 Pesos In Order To Sow His Field Again And To Live  Until The New Crop Came
  • He Wrote To God On The Envelope Placed Stamp On It And Dropped  It Into The Mailbox  

Strange Address 

  • One Of The Postman Who Read The Address Laughed Heartily And Took It To The Postmaster 
  • The Postmaster Was Quite A Friendly And Pleasant Man He Too Broke Out Laughing But Soon He Became Serious   
  • He Realized That The Sender Of The Letter Had A Great Faith In God He Did Not Want To Shake The Writers Faith In God He Decided To Answer The Letter   

Help From The Postmaster 

  • The Generous Postmaster Collected Money From His Employees 
  • He Himself Gave A  Part Of His Salary He Put 70 Pesos All The Money He Could Collect In An Envelope And Sent It To Lencho  By Mail 

Lencho’s Anger 

  • Lencho Had A Firm And Unshaken Faith In God 
  • He Did Expect Help From God 
  • When He Received Money , He Was Not Surprised. But His Happiness Was Just For Some Moments
  • When He Counted The Money, He Became Very Angry He Believed That God Would Never Deceive Him   
  • Immediately He Wrote A Second Letter To God And Posted It 
  • The Postmaster Opened The Letter Eagerly Lencho Wrote  That He Received 70 Pesos That Had Been Sent By God 
  • He Requested God To Send Him The Rest Of Money. He Asked God Not To Send The Money Through Mail . The Post Office Employees Were A Bunch Of Crooks , Who Had Stolen 30 Pesos From The Money Sent By God.



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